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Step 1: Sightseeing - Taking Time to Look It’s often as simple as enjoying the flowers, herbs, and trees, and birds, squirrels, and other critters in our backyard. Or in the city park. Or in a nearby conservation area. Places we’ve travelled to, and enjoyed photographing: - Ontario - our beautiful home province - Alberta, B.C.; by 2-seater Cessna 150 airplane, the terrain between Waterloo and Calgary - Europe: mainly Austria, also Germany, northern Italy, southern Spain, southern France - U.S.: Hawai’i, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, California Places we would like to visit: - more of all of the above, and too many others! See  About Hiking and About Flying Step 2: Organizing the pictures and videos A potentially tedious and frustrating step. However, we now like to use IMatch (from photools.com).  When Werner lovingly bought a handy camera for Hildegard, suddenly there were even more thousands of pictures to process. Life could have been too complicated, but IMatch came to the rescue!
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Step 3: Working on Projects - Enjoying Retirement Werner:  Among other activities, I spent a lot of time trying out various programs for creating digital movies using still images and video, until I found something I truly enjoy working with: Magix  Movie Edit Pro. See About Werner’s Photography. Hildegard: My lifelong stabs at writing, and more recent enjoyment of photography and water-based mixed-media painting are finally coming together in retirement as regular pursuits. Favourite tools for my projects with digital images are Irfanview  and Lumapix FotoFusion. See: Mindset - Reflections En Route. Step 4: Exhibiting, Publishing... We’re thrilled when others enjoy and are uplifted by our various efforts, and we appreciate your feedback. Please check back for updates.
...seeing beauty in nature, people, life - on travels or at home - and sharing experiences with images and words...
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