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Destination Calgary: Arrival at Airdrie!  -  camera, pen, knapsack, wings...
Waterloo to Calgary in a Cessna 150
All of a sudden, I can't take any more pictures: the image card is full! How can this be? Werner just downloaded everything in Medicine Hat. Aaahh-- the card wasn’t cleared afterward. Having no digital technical savvy at this point, I am not about to fool around with this in mid-air. Unfortunately, I also don't think about simply deleting some of the earlier images. But we have a great solution! Since Werner is thinking about flying to Medicine Hat another day, with our son at the controls of FZ-Oscar, it’ll give him a chance to finally have his camera back again and have some aerial photo fun too! No need to duplicate the effort. I put the camera away for the rest of the flight and enjoy simply sightseeing.
Ahead of us, large green  irrigation circles touch edge to edge, covering the brown land. We pass Lake Newell Reservoir... ...another salt lake... ...pass a dam on the Bow River, cross the Crowfoot River, a few little lakes... We thank God for our safety throughout this wonderful trip, and for the chance to see a segment of beautiful Canada from the air.  We hope that through these pages, you too enjoyed the adventure and the wonder of it all!
Friday, July 11 - Leg 13: Medicine Hat to Airdrie
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...and come in for landing at Airdrie Airpark at 7 p.m.! We’re picked up from the airport, and enjoy a wonderful family reunion.
Werner and Foxtrot Zulu Oscar looking quite content after this memorable trip! (What is Werner doing? - See next page.)