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Waterloo: The Trip Begins!
Detail:   Distance  Date Start	 Take-off Landing Stop	 Air time Flight time	 CYKF-CYZE 323 km 174 nm July 7 16:10 16:17 18:42 18:43 2.4 hr. 2.5 hr.      PILOTíS CLIPBOARD
The plan for today is to fly 3 legs, to Wawa: 1) Waterloo to Gore Bay, Manitoulin Is.; refuel 2) Gore Bay to Sault Ste. Marie; refuel 3) Sault Ste. Marie to Wawa. BUT we’re grounded for now! Weather conditions (rain, visibility less than three miles, and a cloud cover lower than 1000 ft.) are below the minimums required for Visual Flight Rules, "flying VFR."
Finally, the clouds lift just enough for us to escape! Take-off at last, at 4:17 p.m.! Accepting the reality that, after this late start we won’t be getting as far as we had hoped on the first day, we’re just excited to be on our way!
What do you do when the weather won't co-operate? Werner the pilot spends the day checking weather updates on the Internet-- always ready to leave at the first promising moment... I rearrange the packing just a bit better, tidy up just a bit more around the house-- always ready to leave at the signal...  -  camera, pen, knapsack, wings...
Waterloo to Calgary in a Cessna 150
Monday, July 7 - Leg 1: Waterloo to Gore Bay, Manitoulin
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