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Leaving Swift Current Airport  -  camera, pen, knapsack, wings...  -  camera, pen, knapsack, wings...
Waterloo to Calgary in a Cessna 150
Detail:   Distance  Date Start	 Take-off Landing Stop	 Air time Flight time	 CYYN-CYXH 215 km 118 nm July 11 12:55 13:02 14:37 14:40 1.6 hr. 1.7 hr.      PILOTíS CLIPBOARD
We couldn't have asked for any better flying weather than what we're blessed with today! The prairie air is warm and dry, fragrant and still. The huge clouds have plenty of space in which to float, and there's room for us too. We've taken about an hour's break here; it's one o'clock when we set off for Medicine Hat.
Friday, July 11 - Leg 12: Swift Current to Medicine Hat
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